About Us

Enter the world of Natural by Design, by Claus Pummer®, where traditional inspirations fuse with precision craftsmanship. Searching the world for the best artisans, Claus Pummer has sought the master weavers of the Philippines for woven vinyl furniture, candles from the lower Rhine Valley of Germany to Indonesia where generations have woven rattan and transformed teak into pieces that will stand the test of time. These contemporary pieces manifest and form a unique blend of their native artisan style and expertise with sleek designs that embodies a holistic living feeling. Claus Pummer brings these pieces together by creating and designing your residential or commercial space with a personal touch.

For Claus Pummer, the passion for design started in Germany where he became a Master Cabinet Maker. He studied in Zurich where he went on to earn his Masters Degree in furniture design and manufacturing. Since its foundation in 1998, Claus Pummer, the founder and owner of Pummer® (a.k.a. Natural By Design) has made it his mission to personally search the world for the best “hand-made” furniture and accessories.

Today, Pummer® uses the most basic elements to create his pieces, avoiding unnecessary chemical treatments for a fresh new approach to environmental conservation. That is why Pummer offers a dedicated line of organics.

Hope you enjoy our product line and services.