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Jeffrey Fisher, National Post · Friday, Jul. 23, 2010

"..... Though the store is not huge, it is large enough to let us know that owner Claus Pummer has set up shop to offer an alternative to grapevine moose heads and maps of the surrounding lakes. With lacquered side tables, Buddha busts and chic glass candelabras, should Calvin Klein decide to build in the Port Carling area he could easily enlist Pummer to help with the interior. I find out later the best way to experience Claus’s full range of product is to view his easy-to-navigate website."

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“... thank you for allowing us to experience your unique way of hosting a private consultation for us to consider our purchases. We have never before experienced this level of customer service. Being served dinner – seated in the showroom ...”

“He has a gorgeous store in Muskoka and does a lot of business in Canada and the USA..."

“Claus Pummer® has been a leader in providing a unique, affordable and stylish product line. The mission is to provide customers with high quality unique furniture and accessories”.

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